DFL45 Flood Light

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DFL45 Flood Light  

Designer series cast aluminum rounded features with heat dissipating ns makes DXFL45 ideal for areas where aesthetics are important. The stylish curves and contoured design blend perfectly with modern architecture.

Power Range

• 50W to 175W metal halide lamp

• 50W to 150W high pressure sodium lamp

• 26W to 42W compact Fluorescent

• 40W induction lamp

Benefits & Features

Corrosion-resistant housing

Cast aluminum with a hinged door for easy lamp access. A bronze, polyester powder coat protects it from the environment. Special color available upon request.

Specular Reflector

The specular aluminum reflector is designed to provide a wide beam. It’s compact size allows for good beam control, especially when used with smaller size, mediumbased lamps.


The 1/8” tempered glass lens is tightly sealed into the frame with silicone. This ensures water-tight performance and protection for the internal components.


DXFL45 comes with a heavy duty 1/2” adjustable knuckle mount for wall and groundmounting.

Lamp socket (H.I.D.)

Medium base, pulse-rated lamp socket with a nickel-plated screwshell and springloaded center contact.


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