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DXHBP Fluorescent HiBay  

Mid level, specification grade, surface mounted, high performance, deep cell parabolic luminaire designed for maximum efficiency and visual comfort. Black reveal optional. Available in 2’x2’, 2’x4’, and 1’x4’ configurations. Available with various lamp and parabolic cell configurations. For use in indoor applications.

DXHBP Fluorescent HiBay Benefits & Features

SIZE W x L x H in inches (mm)
4 Light - 14.0W x 48.0L x 3.8Dp
6 Light - 19.80W x 48.0L x 3.8Dp
8 Light - 24.25W x 48.0L x 3.8Dp

Mounting holes are provided within offset to prevent distortion of housing when tightening
mounting fasteners.

4, 6, or 8 lamp positions

Die formed and spot welded, 22 gauge cold rolled steel housing assembly. Die formed,
cold rolled steel reveal. Precision formed, anodized no. 603 semispecular aluminum, louver. Standard nominal 3” deep cell louvers are manufactured using interlocked construction and mitred corners. Ballast cover snaps into place eliminating the need for tools when accessing the ballast. A protective film or bag is provided to protect the louver and fixture from construction dust. Louver hinges from either side. Latches use a positive locking cam action and come with matching finish.

Emergency ballasts, Cord sets, whips, occupancy sensors Hanging kits, Wire guards. Contact factory for additional options.


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