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DXCH50 CobraHead Induction Luminaire  

The Cobrahead Induction Luminaire combines style and elegance providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to any roadway or parking lot. With smoothly defined curves and highly functional optics that provide maximum lumen output while ensuring beam uniformity. Ideal for highways, roadways, parks, parking lots, public entrances, off-street areas and many other applications.

Features a durable, corrosion-resistant, die-cast aluminum ballast enclosure with a smooth gray powder coated finish and internal ballast tray. Includes a specular aluminum relfector and molded sag glass lens. Hinged front frame includes stainless steel ‘‘toolless’’ access clips.

LAMPS (Included)
Available with (1) 150W or (1) 200W rectangular induction lamp that provides 12000 or 18000 initial lumens per lamp. The induction lamps have a 5000K color temperature, provide a CRI of >80 (Ra) and have a 100,000 hour rated life. Lamps and Ballasts are listed and certified by CE, FCC, UL, ISO and also meet the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard.



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