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Dynalux Lighting, a division of Mule Lighting, is a leading provider of high quality luminaires that include high efficiency Induction, HID, linear fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources. We provide lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets with fixtures that are familiar to the entire industry. Dynalux products provide the best value because they are innovative, contractor friendly, and energy efficient. Our representatives and distributors are available to provide the very best service and technical support. We maintain over Five Stocking Warehouses throughout the USA.


Ledalux - DXCH50 CobraHead Induction Luminaire

DXCH50 CobraHead Induction Luminaire

The Cobrahead Induction Luminaire combines style and elegance providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to any roadway or parking lot. With smoothly defined curves and highly functional optics that provide maximum lumen output while ensuring beam uniformity. Ideal for highways, roadways, parks, parking lots, public entrances, off-street areas and many other applications.

Ledalux - DXVNGL Induction Garage Lighter

DXVNGL Induction Garage Lighter

The Vandal Resistant Garage Lighter Induction Luminaire is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, garages, walkways, under passes, loading docks. This fixture gives out even illumination on both horizontal and vertical planes.


DXSM106EX Medium Wall Pack - DXSM106EX

The DXSM106EX Series is a durable, large wallpack that is ideal for parking areas, entrances, walkways, underpasses, loading docks, and recreation areas.

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